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Spam Experts protecting your mailboxes!

Spam Experts is a service which provides you the best way to protect
your inbox from spam and malware messages, in just a few clicks!


Spam Experts Protection

£4.99 p/mth
Keep your e-mail safe!
With the best protection.

Spam Filter FAQs

Spam accounts for almost 80% of email traffic these days. As well as being annoying & time wasting spam is also a security threat because of the harmful viruses & malware it often contains.

  • Free your inbox – extremely accurate
  • Save time – imagine a spam free life!
  • Improve security – stop virus & malware threats

Spam Experts is a powerful anti-spam tool that you can start using right away. It is EXTREMELY accurate & will prevent over 99.9% of spam from ever hitting your inbox.

Spam Experts analyses all emails before they reach your inbox. They filter out the spam & they only deliver authentic, non-spam emails.

Traditional anti-spam tools check emails when they reach your inbox. Spam Experts checks them before they even reach your inbox. They filter out the spam & only let genuine emails through.

Yes, extremely accurate. Spam Experts is proven to stop over 99.9% of spam & virus/malware emails.

Yes, Spam Experts is extremely accurate. Its advanced email filtering delivers a false positive rate of 0.0001% - that’s less than 1 in a million! You get a control panel where you can see if there are any good emails being blocked & just allow these with one click.

It’s right inside your web hosting control panel – just click on the icon & you’re in!

No. It’s easy. You just need to make a small change in your hosting control panel as per our instructions – or ask our support team to do it for you.

No. For less than 5p per day you can protect your whole domain name so you can add as many email addresses as you like.