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SSD Starter

High Speed, Low Price

SSD Performance at a Great Price


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For Multiple Websites

Great Value SSD Hosting for several websites


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SSD Enterprise

High Traffic, High Speed

The Perfect Choice for Busy Ecommerce Websites


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SSD Hosting Plans & Pricing

Features/Plans SSD Starter SSD Pro SSD Enterprise
SSD Disk Space (?) 10GB SSD 15GB SSD 30 GB SSD
Max. Number of Websites (?) 1 5 10
High Availability Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Bandwidth (?) 5000 GB 10000 GB Unlimited
Free Domain Name (?) 1 1 1
Email Accounts (?) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases (?) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel (?)
Servers Location (?)
Website Builder (?)
1-Click Apps (?)
Free Website Migrations (?)
Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux (?)
Enterprise Level Data Backup (?)
Dreamweaver & FTP (?)
Support International Domain Names (?)
£10.99/mo £19.99/mo £29.99/mo
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Email Accounts (?) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Webmail (?)
Email Redirection (?)
Autoresponders (?)
Spam Protection (?)
Mailing Lists (?)
Catch Alls (?)
Mail Forwarding (?)
SMTP Support
IMAP Support
POP3 Support


MySQL Databases (?) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL latest version of MySQL Percona
Multiple PHP version support
IonCube & Zend Guard Loaders
Powered by Litespeed
Flash and Shockwave Support
Ruby On Rails
Cron Jobs
GD 2
Image Magick


Add-on Domains (?)
Parked Domains (?)
Hotlink Protection (?)
IP Address Blocking (?)
Custom Error Pages (?)
Redirect URL (?)
Web File Manager (?)
Protected Directories (?)
AWStats (Real Time) (?)
Raw Log Manager (?)
Error Logs (?)


OpenCart (?)
AbanteCart (?)
PrestaShop (?)
Magento (?)
osCommerce (?)
Loaded 7 (?)
Zen Cart (?)


WordPress (?)
Open Blog (?)
Serendipity (?)
Dotclear (?)
b2evolution (?)
Textpattern (?)
Nibbleblog (?)


Joomla (?)
Drupal (?)
PHP-Fusion (?)
Concrete5 (?)
MODX (?)
e107 (?)
Xoops (?)
Zikula (?)
Open Real Estate (?)
Website Baker (?)
PHP-Nuke (?)


phpBB (?)
Simple Machines Forum (?)
MyBB (?)
Advanced Electron Forums (?)
Vanilla (?)
bbPress (?)


Gallery (?)
Piwigo (?)
Coppermine (?)
Zenphoto (?)
TinyWebGallery (?)


MediaWiki (?)
DokuWiki (?)
PmWiki (?)


Dolphin (?)
Oxwall (?)
Jcow (?)
Elgg (?)


osTicket (?)
HESK (?)
Mibew Messenger (?)
Help Center Live (?)


CodeIgniter (?)
Yii (?)
Laravel (?)
Zend (?)
CakePHP (?)
Smarty (?)


Moodle (?)
Chamilo (?)


Our hosting plans come with Softaculous. You can install 100´s of popular applications.
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Learn How to Get Traffic to your Website (?)


SSD Hosting (?) Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Cloud VPS (?) Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
SSD Cloud VPS (?) Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Dedicated Servers (?) Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade


24x7 Technical Support via
phone, chat, & email
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
CloudLinux (?)
SSL Certificate (?) Addon Addon Addon
Mobile Website Builder Addon Addon Addon
Premium Email Spam Filter Addon Addon Addon

SSD Starter

High Speed, Low Price

SSD Performance at a Great Price


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For Multiple Websites

Great Value SSD Hosting for several websites


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SSD Enterprise

High Traffic, High Speed

The Perfect Choice for Busy Ecommerce Websites


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The UK's Best SSD Hosting

More Visitors

Solid State Drives will make your site load faster. Page load speed is a Google ranking factor. This means that you will give yourself an advantage over your slower competitors because Google favours faster websites.

More Sales

A fast website will allow you to sell more. Why? Because it is known that slow websites annoy visitors meaning that they will leave without using your services. Offer them a fast browsing experience & you will keep them engaged & they are more likely to use your services.

Free Migration

Want to make the switch to SSD but are worried about making the changes? Don’t worry, leave it to us. We love migrations & we do them day in day out so we can do it all for you with minimum interruption to your service.

Intel SSDs

We only use Enterprise Grade Data Center Intel Solid State Drives. Some hosts will often use lower quality laptop or desktop solid state drives, but we use the real thing.

High Availability Cloud

Using solid state drives improves reliability because they don’t have moving parts. Your data is stored on our cloud infrastructure using hot swap disks so the risk of downtime is virtually eliminated.

Less Carbon

As well as helping you grow your business an solid state drives are far more environmentally friendly than a traditional hard drive - around 80% in fact. It might not sound much on an individual basis but in terms of a datacentre this has a considerable environmental impact.

No Noisy Neighbours

Whilst we strictly limit the number of customers on our servers, we understand that some other customers may use more than they should. To protect your CPU & RAM from noisy neighbours we use CloudLinux which puts a limit on the resources any one user can use.

Anti Spam

What’s the point in having a really fast website if the server is blacklisted for sending Spam? That won’t happen because we monitor all outgoing mail using Spam Experts. This is over 99.9% effective at killing Spam dead before it even leaves the server.

Lightning Fast Hosting

Not satisfied with just making your site load faster, we also use a tool called LiteSpeed. This makes your website even faster. It replaces Apache as the web server & is far more efficient in terms of CPU & RAM use which makes your site lightning fast!

Fast & Secure Servers

Our High Available Cloud is based on Enterprise equipment & is packed full of the vital resources you need. Banks of RAM, Dual CPUs, dual power supplies, dual network cards - we’ve built our servers from the bottom up with performance, reliability & security in mind.

Back Up

Data integrity is vital & that is why we ensure that we have a strict backup policy in place. We use the market leading backup software Idera (r1soft) to back up your server. We take daily, weekly & monthly snapshots of your data to be on the safe side.

UK Datacentre

We operate from a highly secure UK based datacentre facility in London. This modern, multi million pound facility was purpose built with security & reliability in mind. With engineers on site 24x7 to quickly respond to any issues, your data is safe with Pickaweb.

Full 30 day money back guarantee

You can purchase from Pickaweb in confidence. If you are dissatisfied in any way just drop us an email within 30 days of your purchase & we will process a full refund of your hosting fees - no questions asked.

Friendly 24*7 Support

We know that hosting can be a bit daunting & not everybody loves technology. We understand that & that’s why we have a friendly team of hosting experts available 24 x 7 to assist you. Whether you are just starting or you are an experienced webmaster we are here to help.

No Contracts

No long term contracts. We understand that you need the freedom & flexibility to try new ideas & that’s why we never ask you to commit to long contracts

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SSD Hosting FAQs

SSD stands for Solid State Drives. It is a powerful type of web hosting for businesses who have websites that need extra speed & reliability, whether for a faster page load to help their Google ranking, to provide their customers with a faster, more satisfactory browsing experience on their website to improve sales or to host power hungry applications.

It uses only Solid State Drives which are the latest, proven form of fast, reliable data storage. These drives have no moving parts & therefore perform much faster than traditional mechanical hard drives.

The main reasons for considering switching to SSD hosting provider are speed & reliability.

Speed is increasingly important these days. Primarily because your website’s page load speed is a Google ranking factor.

The faster your website loads, the better chance of getting a good ranking in Google. This means more traffic for your website.

The reason that fast page load speed is important is that Google wants to provide a good customer experience to the people who use it’s search engine. If they send people to a slow website then the experience may not be as good as a page that loads quickly.

Once people arrive on your site, if it loads quickly & opens new pages quickly when people start to navigate around the site then you have a higher probability that they will stay & find out more about you & ultimately use your services or buy your products.

SSD web hosting will give you these advantages over your slower competitors.

  • Solid State Drives
  • UK Based - London
  • Cloud Infrastructure

Yes. It is provided via our High Availability Cloud infrastructure. Instead of being hosted on just one physical server, your data is stored across several SSD drives on several different physical servers.

This means that if we need to provide more power to the server or more space or migrate you to another server then this can all be done within the cloud, using all of the pooled resources available to it.

It also means that your data is safe. Because your data is copied across several servers there is no single point of failure. If a drive fails or even if a complete server fails there is no downtime.

We can just fix the faulty item & start the server up again so it can re-join the cloud. You won’t notice a thing.

There is a powerful business case for moving across to SSD. If gettig a high ranking in the search engines like Google is your aim then hosting on solid state drives is a relatively cheap way to achieve this.

If you want to offer a better experience to your visitors then you will get a much faster website on a solid state drive hosting than you would on a traditional hard disk. A better browsing experience results in higher sales.

If you use an application in your business then think of the time you & your staff will save if it runs much faster. Time is money & this time could be put to more productive use.

SSDs are relatively new whereas the technology behind traditional hard drives has been with us for many years.

Whilst the cost is decreasing year on year they are still more expensive GB for GB when compared to disk based hard drives.

As well as the capital investment in more expensive SSDs, we also reduce the number of customers on SSD servers to ensure that this is a premium service.

SSDs are MUCH faster than traditional hard drives. To illustrate this point, it is worth considering that hard drives speed can be measured in terms of IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) which is a generally accepted benchmark for hard drives & SSD performance.

It is a measure of how quickly the hard drive can read or write data to or from itself.

With classic disk based hard drives which are mechanical devices they consist of moving parts which slow them down & limit the speeds they can operate. For example, below are shown some approximate IOPS for several popular types of hard drive:

7.2K SATA* - 80 IOPS

10K SAS** - 125 IOPS

15K SAS - 180 IOPS

*SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

**SAS = Serial Attached SCSI

Our UK SSD Hosting uses Enterprise Intel SSDs & their IOPS range from 7,500 (Random Write) to 75,000 (Random Read).

You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to quickly see that SSD IOPS performance is superior to that of traditional hard drives.

In a nutshell our SSDs are fast - EXTREMELY FAST!!

If getting a good position in Google is important to you then you need a fast website. and SSD package is the best way to achieve this. It is a quick & easy way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

If you run a busy website or an eCommerce site then speed is also vital. Slow websites annoy your visitors. They want pages to load quickly & a website. Being hosted on solid state drives will make your site load much faster than one hosted on traditional hard drives.

Maybe you have an application or program that you use internally with your team or maybe you run a billing tool that your customers or suppliers use. If you do then hosting it on an SSD plan means it will run much faster & that will save you or your customers or suppliers time.

No. SSDs like many things come in different formats, each suited to a particular role. Some solid state drives can be used in desktops or laptops & some hosting companies will offer SSD hosting services based on these.

However, the solid state drives that we use are specifically built for more demanding Datacentre environments so you can be sure that our SSDs are more than up to the task.

*Pickaweb Offer: Buy an annual SSD web hosting plan and get a free domain name. Pricing does not include VAT.

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