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Happier Customers

We know that Google loves fast websites & with SSD web Hosting your customers sites will load much, MUCH faster than their competitors. A fast website will help them sell more too because customers hate waiting for pages to load. Switch to SSD today!

More Profit for you

SSD is a premium service & you can make the business case for your customers to switch. You will be giving them a competitive advantage because most of their competitors will remain on slower hosting.

Free Migration

Thinking of switching but worried about all the technical gubbins? Relax, we’ve got you covered. We’ll migrate your files over in coordination with you so that it all goes smoothly. We do migrations day in, day out so leave it with us.

Your own SSD Hosting Business

No need for large capital investment or long term contracts. Now anyone can start to resell high performance hosting with solid state drives. Whether you are a designer or developer hosting your customers sites or you want to host your own sites you’ll love our SSD reseller plans.

WHM/cPanel SSD Hosting

Your customers will love cPanel, the world’s favourite web hosting control panel. It is completely white label, there is no mention of Pickaweb so your customers will think that you have a powerful SSD server set up for them.

Easy to use reseller service

Reselling the way it was meant to be - fast, cheap & easy. Just login to your WHM master login, create your own plans, add your customers, select their plan & bingo, your customers are online quickly & easily.

Intel SSDs

Like anything SSDs come in all shapes & sizes but we only use genuine, high spec Intel Datacenter ready SSDs. These are industrial strength & are almost twice as reliable as high spec traditional hard drives - 2 million hours Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

High Availability Cloud

All our Reseller SSD accounts are hosted in our High Availability Cloud. This means that as well as being really high performance your data is hosted on a self healing cloud platform where data is stored across several physical servers for improved resiliency & uptime.

SSD are Greener

Higher speed & reliability aren’t the only things in their favour. SSDs consume far less power than traditional hard drives - up to 80% less in fact. That’s impressive on one disk, but imagine the power savings for a complete rack or a complete datacentre for that matter.

UK Based Servers

All of our servers are located in a State of the Art Datacentre in London.

100's of One Click Apps

Wow your customers with a stunning set of Apps. CMS, Blogs, eCommerce, Social Media - it’s all there!

Automate Your Hosting

Put your hosting business on autopilot with a WHMCS licence - the world’s favourite hosting billing automation tool

Cloud Linux

You want the best for your customers & so do we. That’s why your Reseller SSD will be set up with CloudLinux. CloudLinux restricts the total resources available to any one customer thus preventing bad neighbours from hogging all of the servers key resources (RAM & CPU).

Anti Spam

Your customers email need to get through, but they can’t if they are being rejected because their server is blacklisted by the most popular ISPs. That’s why we use SpamExperts which monitors all outgoing mail & is over 99.9% effective at identifying & killing Spam dead in its tracks.


Speed matters & LiteSpeed will give your Reseller accounts even more speed. A drop in replacement for Apache it is lightweight & uses less CPU & RAM & that translates into even faster load times. With SSD & LiteSpeed your sites will fly!

Fast & Secure Servers

We don’t compromise on the hardware we use to host your sites. Built using Enterprise Grade components we our servers are kitted out with plenty of CPU & RAM for performance as well as dual components to ensure there is no single point of failure.

Back Up

Our servers are backed up using the industry standard Idera (r1soft) back up tool. Our servers are constantly backed up to ensure that your data is safe & secure. We take backups on a daily, weekly & monthly basis to be on the safe side.

UK Datacentre

Our servers are hosted in a highly secure datacentre facility in London with security & resiliency engineered from the bottom up in this purpose built state of the art facility. With engineers on site 24 x7 we’ve got you covered.

Full 30 day money back guarantee

Give it a spin completely risk free for 30 days. Use all the features - it's all there for you to try. We’d love for you to stay but if, after 30 days you don’t want to continue then no problem. Just drop us a quick email & we’ll cancel & refund you in full - no questions asked.

Fanatical 24*7 Support

We love to help. Whether you’re trying to setup Reseller Plans for your customers or you want some help with Advanced DNS settings or databases our friendly team of web hosting experts is on hand 24 x 7 by phone, chat & email. We’re just a click away.

SSD Reseller Hosting FAQs

Until recently all web hosting was run on mechanical hard drives. These have been the sturdy work horses of the internet. But recently Solid State Drives have appeared which are far more powerful, fast & reliable than traditional, disk based hard drives.
Our SSD Plans run exclusively on pure solid state drives to ensure the ultimate in performance when compared to even the fastest traditional hard drives. Now you can resell SSD hosting to your customers & let them benefit from this exciting new technology.

  • Ultra Fast Intel Solid State Drives (SSD) = Faster Page Load
  • Give your Customers a competitive advantage
  • Your customers deserve the best
  • Hosted in our High Availability Cloud means Minimal Downtime!

There are several compelling reasons to switch to SSD Reseller Hosting: Speed, reliability & efficiency.
Let’s look at each in turn.
These days if you want a good position in the search engines then speed is a pre-requisite. It is not the only factor, but it is a known Google ranking factor - websites that load fast get favoured by Google & the other search engines & typically get a higher ranking in the search results than slower websites.
But it doesn’t stop there. Speed is important for the customer experience. How often have you lost interest in a website because it is slow? It is clear that websites that are fast are far more likely to engage their audience long enough to convert their interest into a sale or an enquiry.
In terms of reliability, because an SSD does not contain any moving parts - it is purely digital - it is far more reliable than older, disk based hard drives which have rotating platters & Actuator arms. In fact SSDs are around twice as reliable as old style hard disks & they have an estimated Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 2 million hours.
Finally, SSDs are much more energy efficient & this is increasingly important as data storage continues to increase. By switching to SSD there is an energy saving of approximately 80% so they have excellent green credentials.

We host our SSD Reseller Hosting on our High Availability Cloud rather than on shared servers. This has the advantage of offering instant scalability so that if we need mire resources (CPU, RAM or SSD space) we can just add it on the fly - no need for manual upgrades or downtimes as would be the case in hardware upgrades.

Also, because SSD is a premium service we want to give you the best. This means that your data is stored on several SSD drives across several physical servers. This greatly increases the resiliency of the service & minimises the possibility of hardware related downtime.

If you host websites for customers or for yourself & you want more traffic from Google & you want a fast website to improve the customer experience then an SSD plan is perfect for you. Or if you run a particular application & you want to make it run faster then an SSD will allow you to speed it up & save yourself time, hour after hour, day after day.

There is a huge performance difference between an SSD & a traditional hard drive. This can be demonstrated by comparing the IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) of the different types of device. If you are not a techie, then IOPS is basically an accepted benchmark used when comparing disk performance & it relates to the speed that the disk can read or write data to or from itself every second.
Traditional hard drives are restricted because they are mechanical & time spent physically moving the actuator around the disk platters to read or write data translates into lost time.
Solid State Drives (SSD) on the other hand have no moving parts. They are 100% electronic. This means that there is much less time delay to read or write the data.
Let’s compare the performance of different types of traditional hard drives:

  • 7.2K SATA* - 80 IOPS
  • 10K SAS** - 125 IOPS
  • 15K SAS - 180 IOPS
  • *SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
  • **SAS = Serial Attached SCSI

Now, in comparison the Intel Datacenter SSDs that we use have performance ranges from between 7,500 (Random Write) to 75,000 (Random Read).
So even in the worst case (180 IOPS vs 7,500) IOPS the SSD is the clear winner. So in a nutshell SSDs are fast - VERY, VERY FAST!!

There is a strong Business Case to justify the switch to SSD.
Whether you want to show your customers that you are committed to helping them get a better position in the search results or whether you are doing it for your own websites then SSD is a relatively low cost “quick win” that you can implement.
If you or your customers run a busy eCommerce website then again, this is a low cost, high return option because of the improved conversion rates that faster websites enjoy. Finally, time is money & if you are losing it every day waiting for slow applications then an SSD Reseller account will address this issue.

To cut a long story short they are more expensive that traditional hard drives & they tend to come in smaller capacities. These days there are traditional hard drives of 8TB & more in 3.5 inch format compared to the SSD limits which tend to be from 100GB to 500GB. SSDs therefore require more space to match the capacity of slower, traditional hard drives.

There are many SSD types & they are manufactured for specific uses. Some will be more suited to desktops & laptops & others are specially designed & made for more demanding datacenter environments.
The SSDs that we use are of the latter kind, i.e. for datacentre use & are specially adapted to the more demanding role of hosting servers.

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