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2000 GB /mo
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Seriously Fast SSD Performance

The real deal. Blazing fast SSDs are hundreds of times faster than even the fastest traditional hard drives for random reads IOPS.


Intel SSDs

Our VPS servers use Enterprise Grade Data Center ready Intel SSDs - Solid State Drives. Do not confuse these with lower quality laptop SSDs that many hosts use.


Ultra Reliable SSDs

No moving parts means SSDs are almost twice as reliable as traditional hard drives (2 million hours average mean time between failure)


Root Access

With our SSD VPS servers you get full root access which puts you in complete control. Run the apps you want the way you want them!



The world’s favourite cPanel. Pre-installed & ready & waiting for you!


OS Templates

What do you prefer - CentOS, Ubutnu, Debian ? With our SSD VPS hosting you choose from one of our pre-made OS Templates & it’s all set up instantly for you.


Instant Setup

Get an SSD VPS in minutes, not hours. All ready to go with your preferred choice of OS & control panel!


High Availability

Our self healing cloud infrastructure stores your data on multiple disks on multiple servers. Say goodbye to downtime!


Low Cost

The power of a dedicated SSD server at a fraction of the cost.


Upgrade Anytime

Need more power, more SSD space? It’s just a click away.


UK Based Servers

All of our servers are located in a State of the Art Datacentre in London.


No Contracts

No long term contracts. We understand that you need the freedom & flexibility to try new ideas & that’s why we never ask you to commit to long contracts

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Traditionally, if you wanted power, security & scalability for your website or applications you would need a Dedicated Server. The only problem is that they can be expensive & gradually you may outgrow them.

A Virtual Private Server or VPS for short is different because rather than requiring a whole physical server just for you, you can share the server with several other “virtual” servers so that you all access shared components such as the RAM, CPU, hard drive & power supply.

This is a much more cost effective solution for the customer as it balances power with cost.

In a classic VPS scenario this will occur on a single server with a virtualization software to offer the virtual servers and a RAID configuration to minimise the possibility of data loss by spreading the data across several hot swap hard drives.

The most robust type of VPS is a Cloud VPS whereby a number of physical servers are used to provide a scalable infrastructure where all server resources are pooled into one “Cloud”.

This has all of the cost advantages of a classic VPS but with the extra bonus that it is much more resilient (data can be stored on multiple disks across multiple servers) & it is highly scalable - just add more servers with more CPU, RAM & disk space as required.

The key advantages are high availability , speed & reliability. These days, speed is vital whether you want to get a good position in Google (page load speed is officially a Google ranking factor) or whether you want to run fast applications.

In terms of speed, hard drives can be measured in terms of IOPS which stands for Input/Output Operations Per Second. This is an accepted performance benchmark for hard drives & SSDs.

It is basically how fast the drive can read or write data to or from itself.

With traditional hard drives, these are mechanical devices with many moving parts which restrict their speed. Below are some rough figures for different types of hard drive speeds:

  • 7.2K SATA* - 80 IOPS
  • 10K SAS** - 125 IOPS
  • 15K SAS - 180 IOPS

*SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
**SAS = Serial Attached SCSI With an Intel SSD of the type we use the IOPS range from 7,500 (Random Write) to 75,000 (Random Read).

In terms of speed this means that the SSD outperforms the best performing Enterprise 15K SAS disk by a factor of 40 for random writes & by 400 for random reads.

When compared to a 7.2K SATA disk these factors are an incredible 90 for random writes & by over 900 for random reads!!

All you need to bear in mind is that our SSDs are fast - SERIOUSLY FAST!!

Google’s ranking algorithm places an emphasis on page loading speed. If your page loads more slowly than your competitors then they may get an advantage over you. Obviously it is not the only ranking factor, but a website hosted on SSD will load faster than if it is hosted on a slower, traditional hard drive.

If you have an ecommerce website then speed is vital. A slow website may distract shoppers & they could leave before making their purchase & go to a competitor’s website. An SSD will ensure that you offer your visitors a fast route from entry to checkout.

If you have an application that you need to run for part of your business then it too could benefit from being hosted on an SSD based VPS. For example, do you have a billing application, a project management application or other tools that are used on a day to day basis either by your customers or by your internal team?

If you do, consider the amount of time wasted each day waiting for the application to run queries or execute instructions. This is valuable business time which could be saved by running your applications on SSD.

The business case for switching to SSD is compelling. If you are focused on a higher ranking in Google then it is a low cost way to help you achieve this aim.

If you run a busy website or eCommerce shop then SSD will allow you to provide a far better used experience than would be the case if your website was hosted on a slower hard drive.

If you run your own applications in house then the time savings that you & your customers or suppliers will achieve switching to SSD will quickly recoup any increased costs.

In the same ways that there are different formats of traditional hard drives there are different types of SSDs. Some companies may be offering SSD hosting but they may be using SSDs designed for desktop or laptop use.

We can not speak for other hosting companies, but you can be reassured that we will only use Enterprise Grade Solid State Drives.

Currently we are using the Intel DC S3500 SSD model.

*Pickaweb Offer: Get a free domain when you buy an annual SSD VPS. Pricing does not include VAT.

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