The Definitive Guide to

e-Commerce Content Marketing

Chapter 5

The Visual Aspect of eCommerce Content Marketing

Great, you’ve completed that really impressive Buyer’s Guide. Just slap
your logo on the top, convert to pdf and upload to your website, right?


The visual aspect of your content is not something you can just bolt on as an afterthought. Visuals are an essential piece of the content marketing jigsaw.

This applies whether you are producing purely visual content like infographics or written content. The key take away here is that you are not finished until you have added a visual element to it.

There are a number of reasons for this but consider the headlines on visual content:

So it’s no longer a question of whether you bother to add visuals to your content it’s a must.

But if you’re not a graphic designer or expert photographer don’t worry, there are loads of ways to make your content more appealing.

Whether you use your own images, use screenshots and embed them in your blog posts or create slideshares there are loads of ways to enhance your content using visuals and an ever expanding universe of image related tools to help you.

Here are some of the options available to you

Repurposing Your Content

You’ve put in a load of work creating your content. Maybe you’ve created a really authoritative blog post that you know will go down well with your audience.

But what if your audience prefers more visual content, like slides or maybe video?

Or maybe they want a pdf version they can save to their hard drive for reference later.

Or audio even people listen to podcasts on their smartphones.

You can get so much more from your content by repurposing it.

Here are the headlines:

  • One piece of content covers multiple audiences with different content preferences

  • Repurposing speeds up the content creation process because you’re not starting from scratch

  • Repurposing improves SEO. By spreading your content further you will get immediate links but also increase the chance of secondary linking when a new audience finds your content

  • It brings static content to life

  • It breaths new life into old content

  • Shorter pieces can be compiled into long form content for even more Authority

Here are some repurposing options to consider:

  • Slides

    Slideshare is to Slides what Youtube is to video. Slideshare gets a TON of traffic and content from Slideshare often appears high in Google’s organic search results so SlideShare can get YOU a TON of traffic too.

    It can deliver targeted traffic to your site as well as adding another visual element to your content so repurposing your content as slides is a quick win.

    In terms of traffic you need to optimize your presentations when they are uploaded in much the same way you would with your blog posts. Things like Titles, Tags, Descriptions and URLs.

    When it comes to conversion, good design and use of attractive fonts and images is important. Try to avoid just having lists of bullet points too and avoid waffling on for hundreds of points or you’ll bore your audience.

    But once you’ve got your presentation up there make sure you can add it to your blog posts as well as adding your slideshare content to your LinkedIn profile too.

  • PDF

    PDFs do have limited SEO value, but their strengths lie more in their role as a conversion and authority building tool.

    To optimise your PDFs just run through the basics as you would any blog post paying attention to the metadata, file name, headings, links to your website in the copy, etc..

    It’s also incredibly easy to convert your blog posts into PDF format. Once you’ve got them there are loads of places to upload your PDFs to.

    One way to help build trust and engagement is by creating a Content Hub which features your PDFs as a way to help your audience navigate to more in depth areas of interest to them.

  • Video

    Whether you’ve written a 10,000 word Definitive Guide a 2,500 word Buyer's Guide or a 1,000 word blog post you have an opportunity to create a video to compliment your written content.

    It could be as quick and easy as using your webcam to shoot yourself talking or you can do screen recording of your slideshare presentation.

    Now they might not be for everyone, but another option for you is a Webinar. If hosting a webinar sounds terrifying or complex or expensive then relax it doesn’t have to be.

    Now you’ve got extra channels to distribute to such as YouTube as well as some valuable extra content to add to your blog post.

  • Audio

    OK, we’re looking at visual content but don’t forget that some people love to consume audio content too. Let’s face it not everyone likes to read or watch videos.

    But instead of reading your blog posts word for word, just cover the highlights like a management summary. Say what the post is about, what are the key points, what are the takeaways and what are the next steps. Ideally include a call to action, whether or not that is to subscribe, buy something or check out more content.

    Recording audio is quick and easy and if you really want to take it to the next level you can create your own podcast.

  • Infographics

    We’ve already covered Infographics, but often content can be repurposed graphically for a supporting Infographic.

    Taking your blog post, work out a skeleton with different sections that flow together, find some designs that inspire you and you can even build your own infographics if you are on a low budget.

Content written. Check.
Visuals ready. Check.
OK, all that remains is to start promoting your content. Here we go…

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