The Definitive Guide to

e-Commerce Content Marketing

Chapter 6

Content Promotion & Distribution

Creating content is just the first phase. It’s a bit like a band taking their latest work
on a tour. You need to do the same get your content out there and in front of the
eyeballs that matter; your customers and industry influencers.

In terms of promoting your content you have 3 main distribution channels available to you:

  • Owned - these are under your control your blog, your website, your social media accounts, your email list, newsletter, etc..

  • Earned - these are external sites the influencers, media sites

  • Paid - paid placement, remarketing, sponsored ads, paid social

The first two (Owned and Earned) are a bit like SEO you have Onsite content (easy, under your control) and Offsite content (more difficult, not under your control).

Let’s have a look at each in turn.

Owned Channels

The word ‘Owned’ means that these channels are under your control and
therefore you have a high degree of control over anything that you publish
whether to your blog, social media channels or email subscriber list.

So assuming that you are now publishing content on your blog there are a checklist of items that need to be optimised for EVERY post:

Earned Channels

If it’s traffic you’re after then this is where you are going to be spending a lot of
your time and effort getting your content out on its roadshow.

If you have an SEO mindset this is similar to off page optimization you’re looking for links and social mentions.

You’ll see this referred to as influencer outreach or blogger outreach and there are several distinct phases for this type of content:

It seems a little calculated doesn’t it on first reading? But it isn’t really.

What you are doing here is adding value by improving something that is already popular and then giving credit to anyone who has provided expertise.

It’s a bit like academic research. They are full of footnotes referring to previous work. They are just giving credit where credit is due and so are you.

Nothing wrong with that.

Paid Channels

Maybe you are already using Pay Per Click (PPC) for your products pages.

But if you are committed to creating great content then you might want to consider Paid advertising for your content.

You’ll find that you are not competing head to head for expensive product terms and you are targeting people in the early stages of the funnel where they are researching the options available to them.

Here are some options for you:

We’ve covered a lot of ground haven’t we? If it’s all a bit new to you then here are some inspiring pieces of content to show you how it can be done.

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