If you wish to transfer your hosting to Pickaweb then this is very straightforward. We have helped thousands of people to move their website to us & all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

1. Purchase a hosting service here.

2. We will email you a full welcome email to enable you to publish your website. This email will contain the required DNS (name servers)

3. Publish the website to the new webspace using the details that are emailed to you when the hosting is set up.

4. Test the website at the temporary location to ensure all functions work correctly (we send you full instructions with a temporary link to allow you to view the website).

5. Access the Pickaweb control panel & set up email accounts in the Mail Manager option & make a note of the password that you use. Please note that the username of the email address will be the email address itself (you will need these in point 8 below).

6. Amend the nameservers of the domain name to your primary & secondary DNS settings which we have emailed to you (see above) - we recommend that you do this on a Friday evening because these settings are what tell the internet where your domain is hosted & when you make changes it takes a few hours to work through the internet (this is called propagation).

Normally you can do this via your domain name control panel or you can request your current host to do this. If you have any problems we would recommend transferring the domain name to us & we can do it for you. 

Please check this tutorial on how to change the DNS if your domain name is with Pickaweb.

Please check this tutorial on how to change the DNS if your domain name is not registered with Pickaweb.

7. Once you have made the nameserver changes they take approx 24 hours to take effect

8. At some point soon after making the nameserver changes you may notice that your emails stop working. This is perfectly normal & is explained by the fact that the internet is trying to determine which physical server you are now hosted on since you have made your nameserver changes.

All that you need to do now is to go into your Email Client Software eg: Windows Live Mail, Outlook, etc. & ensure that the email account has the username set as the email address & the password that you used when creating the account in the Pickaweb Control Panel (see point 5 above).

Please also ensure that you have the incoming & outgoing mail server settings as mail.yourdomainnamehere.com.

We have prepared a number of video tutorials for the most popular email packages that show you how to configure your email set up. See here.

9. After a few hours the old hosting & email service will stop functioning & the new service will begin working.

There may be some anomolous email behaviour, but eventually most email will get through.

For this reason we recommend making the DNS changes on a Friday evening or over the weekend so that it does not interfere with normal business days.

10. If you find that you have problems with your email, please check our Email Troubleshooting guide.

The final point is if you wish to transfer the domain name over fully to Pickaweb so that it needs to be re-registered with us. If you check the following links this will explain how to do this: 

US Domains (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info) - see our full US Domain Transfer Guide here.

UK Domains (.co.uk, .org.uk) - see our full UK Domain Transfer Guide here.
We hope that this is of use to you. If you need any assistance transferring your web hosting we can do it for you for FREE.
We are available 24 * 7 via telephone, live chat & email to assist you.