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Listen to a quick overview of our website migration services


Change Web Hosting Company with Pickaweb's Fast Website Migration

Do you want to use our hosting services but are nervous about migrating your website, your emails, your databases? Don’t let that worry you, we can do it all for you, free of charge!

Why let Pickaweb Migrate your Website?

Moving a website from one hosting provider to another is something that most people will only do once or twice. It is quite a specialised task & there is the possibility that an inexperienced person could make a mistake during the migration.

Pickaweb´s team of migration specialists have migrated thousands of websites. We are used to managing website migrations & we have the people, the tools & the expertise to make sure that your website & all associated files are migrated as quickly & painlessly as possible.

In fact, the chances are you won’t even notice. There will be little if any downtime.

How long does a hosting migration take?

We cannot give you an exact number for this, as it's entirely dependant on the account size and data speeds, to the source server.

If we take an example of a small business website that has 15 to 20 pages of content, 5 email addresses, emails stored on the server & the total space taken up by all files does not exceed 1GB of data & they are hosted on a cPanel server in the UK then we would estimate that the data transfer would not exceed 30 minutes.

Once the data transfer is complete it is then necessary to update the nameservers. All that this does is to point your domain name to the server that you are now hosted on. When you make nameserver changes it does take a few hours for the changes to take effect across the internet (this is called DNS propagation).

Is there any downtime during the migration?

No, however during the DNS propagation period there may be some unpredictable email behaviour as various ISPs pick up the new nameservers. But don’t worry your email will get through, no problem.

If you use cPanel we will also make some small changes to the TTL (Time to Live) settings in your old host to speed things up.

Can the migration service be done out of hours?

Yes, absolutely. Our aim is to make life as easy as possible for you so we are happy to perform migrations 24x7 and at a time that suits you.

Will you migrate emails?

Ideally, if you are migrating from a cPanel web hosting service then yes, no problem, we will migrate your emails. For other control panels or systems just ask & we’ll confirm everything for you in advance.

Will you migrate databases?

As with emails, if you are migrating from a cPanel hosting service then we can migrate the databases, no problem. If you use another control panel or if you are unsure, just ask & we can check for you.

Who is responsible for updating nameservers/DNS?

Normally we would ask that you update your nameservers. However, we understand that some people are not comfortable doing this type of thing so as long as you provide us with your login details & there is no sensitive data stored there then we can login & make the changes for you. Please note that this is limited to one or two domains. If you are migrating many domains then we would need to confirm in advance.

To help you understand how to make DNS changes we have prepared some step by step instructions for you.

Can you migrate Reseller Accounts?

Yes we can. Ideally if you are migrating from a Reseller cPanel/WHM hosting service then it is much easier.

Also, we would need to verify how much data needs to be migrated & how many accounts. As long as there is not an excessive number of accounts or amount of data then we can do this for free, no problem.

The only thing we would ask is that you verify with us in advance so that we can confirm that this can be done for free.

If you do have a large reseller account or accounts that need migrating we can still manage this for you, but it may require a small, reasonable fee to be applied to cover the extra time required to migrate the data safely & securely.

Can you migrate from cPanel to cPanel?

Yes, we are cPanel Hosts & we are cPanel Partners.

What about Addon Domains - will they be migrated?

cPanel backups incorporate the backing up of add-on domains so we will migrate these over, no problem. As always you will need to update your nameservers for any Addon Domains.

Can you migrate my WordPress website?

Yes, we fully support wordpress hosting and have no problem migrating wordpress installs at all.

Can you migrate my Joomla website?

Yes, we fully support Joomla hosting and have no problem migrating Joomla based sites.

Can you migrate my Magento based website?

Yes, we fully support Magento hosting and have no problem migrating Magento websites.

The only thing we would ask is that for larger Magento sites to check with our team first to make sure the migration can be performed for free.

Can you migrate my Prestashop eCommerce website?

Yes, we fully support Prestashop hosting and have no problem migrating Prestashop websites.

The only things we would ask is that for larger Prestashop sites to check with our team first to make sure the migration can be performed for free.

When should I cancel the hosting with the other host?

It is recommended that you cancel after the free migration service has been confirmed complete and you have checked the account's integrity.

Do I have to transfer my domain names too?

Whilst we offer really affordable domain names you are not obliged to transfer domain names as part of the migration process.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent service

I moved over to pickaweb after a hosting company's server crashed, they were amazing helping move all my accounts and held my hand through any teething problem. They are always on the ball and no problem is big or small for them. A must to have for peace of mind when it comes to hosting support.

Daniel Mullings


I migrated to Pickaweb from another webhosting, and I was given someone's assigned to me to make it as quick and easy than other company I know. Amazed at the amount of staff from different departments pick up fantastically when with everything going on you need help step.

Mussilady Camp

Transfer Wordpress hosting - Couldn't be easier

Pickaweb managed the transfer of our business Wordpress site from another provider. All completed smoothly within 24 hours and a minimum of effort on our part. Fantastic service.

John Bradburn

Excellent service. Very quick expert advice.

Excellent service. Very quick expert advice. thankyou

Mark Santos

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