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Great value hosting for your PrestaShop online shop. Install in just a click. Fully optimised for top performance. Packages start from £7.49/mo.

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Get your own powerful dedicated server for your online shop. Top performance for ecommerce. Our Dedicated Servers start from £119.99.

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PrestaShop Hosting FAQs

Prestashop is a FREE, Open Source eCommerce Application. It is easy to set up using our Softaculous 1 click installation. It comes ready to integrate to numerous payment gateway providers so you can start selling online ASAP.

If you run an eCommerce website like Prestashop it needs to load lightning fast. Why? Lost time browsing translates into lost sales.
That is why we have set up our optimised hosting plans to make sure your online shop runs at maximum performance.

  • Instant Setup!
  • Optimised Hosting for Prestashop
  • Install in 1 click
  • Easy Online Shop
  • Multiple PHP versions with customisable extensions through our PHP selector
  • Customised Percona MySQL server build, to allow super fast transactions
  • LiteSpeed Web Server - 9x faster than Apache & improves PHP performance by 50%+!!
  • Percona Server - Faster, more reliable & more consistent than MySQL
  • Optional Solid State Drives (SSD) for blazing fast performance - 30x faster than traditional HDDs!! (Coming Soon)

Order a UK Prestashop hosting today and have it installed in minutes. (Included in the Starter, Pro & Business web hosting plans)

PrestaShop is currently used by over 250,000 online shops worldwide. It is ideal for any type of business that is looking to sell online.

We can migrate your PrestaShop website. We will do this for free as part of the service.
Our team of experts can move your site to our servers.
You would need to order PrestaShop hosting plan and provide us with your current hosting access details so that we can move all the files for you.

How To Install PrestaShop

You can find the latest release of PrestaShop at the PrestaShop’s official website.

In order to initiate the installation you should follow these steps:

Download the Latest Release from the PrestaShop’s official website.

Extract the package locally on your computer.

Upload the installation package via cPanel’s File Manager or using an FTP client. Bear in mind that the uploaded package should reside under the public_html directory, which is the web root folder for your account, or alternatively under a subdirectory of it.

Prior to initiating the installation, a new database should be created. Add the corresponding user to the database. You can easily do this from cPanel >> MySQL Database.

How To Add Products To PrestaShop

*First, create a new category of products for your shop. To do this, login to your admin area and go to the Catalog tab. Press the “Add a new subcategory” button.

*On the next page you have to add the information for your category. Please note that if you have a multi-language application, you should press on the language icon in order to add descriptions for all languages you have installed. Once you are ready, press the “Save” button and the category will be added.

*Now you can add some products to the newly created category. Go to the Catalog page again and click on the “Sample category” link in the table of categories.

*Click on “Add a new product” in order to add a product to the selected category. On the next page you should enter the details for your product – name, image, price, attributes, etc. Once ready, you can click on either “Save and stay” or the “Save and back to category” buttons depending on whether you are done entering information for the product. Once you save and enable it, the product will become available for your visitors to purchase.

*Now you can add as many product categories and products to your e-shop as you want.

How To Install Themes In PrestaShop

*When using PrestaShop for you ecommerce website, you are able to choose between different outlooks. To install a new PrestaShop theme, you have to download it locally and to extract the archive at your computer.

*Then, you should upload the entire folder of your theme to the “themes” directory in the folder that PrestaShop resides in.

*Once you have done that, login to the admin area of your shopping cart and go to Preferences -> Appearance. In this menu, select the newly uploaded theme from the list of available themes and press the “Save” button.

*Your theme is now installed! You can browse to the front end of your application and check its new look.

How To Add Languages To PrestaShop

*You can easily add more languages to your PrestaShop website. To do that you have to download the required language pack file (in .gzip format) from the PrestaShop official website. Once you have downloaded the file, you have to login to the admin area of your shop. Choose Tools -> Translations. Now, simply browse to the language pack file in your local computer and press the Import button.

*The language pack will be installed in few seconds. Now you have to add it as a new language for your website. You can do this from Tools -> Languages. You have to upload a flag image for the new translation, a “no-picture” image (when the flag image can not be loaded) and enter the ISO and the language codes of the country. If you want to install Russian for example, you should enter “ru” in these fields. When you are ready with this step, press the save button, and the new language will be ready to use.

How To Edit The Home Page Of PrestaShop

*To edit your homepage, log in to your back office, then click to “Modules” tab, and find “Home Text Editor” module under “Tools”. Then click to “configure” button at the right side.There you can change what you want, or just delete to not show anything.

*You can change image by uploading your image, but you can not delete image from your back office. To delete image, log in to your ftp and find “editorial” module under “/modules/editorial/”. In this folder you will see image named as “homepage_logo.jpg”, by deleting image, it will not be displayed in homepage.

How To Add Payment Methods In PrestaShop

*With PrestaShop you are able to add different payment methods to your e-shop. In order to setup the payment methods of your website, please login to your admin area and click on the “Payment” tab.

*From this page you can install, uninstall and configure the supported payment methods. Currently PrestaShop allows you to use:

  • AIM
  • Bank Wire payments
  • Cash on delivery
  • CashTicket
  • Checks
  • DIBS payments
  • Google Checkout
  • Hipay
  • Moneybooker
  • Ogone payment services
  • PayPal
  • PaysafeCard

Adding /Changing The Default Currency In PrestaShop

*PrestaShop can accept a large number of currencies. By default, there are three standard currencies: The Euro, the Dollar, and the Pound. However, you can add and configure new currencies by clicking on the “Currencies” sub-tab, under the “Payment” tab.

*Click on “Add New” to create a new currency and fill out the form.

If you are looking for a UK PrestaShop hosting provider get in touch to see how we can help you.

*Pickaweb Offer: Buy an annual PrestaShop hosting and get a free domain name. Pricing does not include VAT.

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